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As an economy and society transcends to a maturity point, new concepts take center stage and becomes the focal point for overall ecosystem. Our society is mindful of the increasing gap between the ‘Haves’ and ‘Have Nots’ and hence course corrections are being implemented from various dimensions. Erstwhile it was considered to be purely government’s responsibility to bridge this divide but the maturity of the economy coupled with the social consciousness of human race has resulted in the mantle being held together by the government, private sector and the society as a whole.Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR as it is prominently referred has travelled a journey from being conceptual, to discretionary and finally being mandatory in most parts of the world. In the past, social awakening resulted in the practice of CSR , however with the passage of time, it has become an integral part of Corporate being. CSR has gone through different phases of experimentation thus resulting in some time tested CSR practices resulting in the benefits of the society at large. The term CSR has achieved immense significance in India ever since the government made it mandatory for organizations to part with a part of their profits for CSR activities.

The resultant effect has been visible in the form of large companies looking at newer avenues to deploy their CSR budgets. The focus has shifted from the ‘ Quantum' of spend to the ‘ Impact ’ of CSR spend. Due to CSR becoming statutory and focus shifting to the impact created from the money spent, CSR heads are looking at NEW methods of deploying funds. There is a traditional saying, Do not give person a Fish, instead teach him Fishing - thus implying that by teaching someone a skill, you pass on a livelihood. Siddhant Foundation presents such an opportunity to companies looking at deploying their CSR funds in a more impactful and result oriented projects.

This scheme is a SKILLING PROJECT wherein, Siddhant Foundation successfully identifies economically and socially backward students who are aspirational to learn and upgrade their lives. We shall train these students on certain pre identified skill areas and on completion of the training program provide them with a job. This Skilling Project , help these students to acquire a skill, and use the same to get a livelihood. Siddhant Foundation over the last couple of years have provided skills training and jobs to many students thus helping the social inclusion index of our country. The Government through its various ministries and private organisations have contributed in financially supporting these skilling batches. Broad details as under - :

  • STEP 1 – Siddhant Foundation mobilizes batch of 30 people each on various skilling topics.
  • STEP 2 - The subsidised batch is sponsored by a Corporate.
  • STEP 3- Siddhant Foundation trains the student on specific skill sets.
  • STEP 4 – on completion of the training, Siddhant Foundation finds them a suitable job at a mid size company.
  • STEP 5 – Siddhant Foundation hand holds the student for a period of 6 months through counselling and career upscaling

Note – The entire process is governed by a SKILLS COMMITTEE which includes senior representatives from the industry. The process is designed to be unbiased from mobilisation to implementation to jobs.

Corporates who are keen to sponsor such batches are requested to connect with skills@siddhantprathisthan.org. We would be happy to share operational details of the scheme.

‘ The skilling programs are delivered through a technical collaboration with a leading skilling company of India – Edulight’.