A Not-for-Profit Organisation

About Us

Siddhant Foundation is a registered Non-Government Organization, dedicated to social and constructive causes for the welfare of the underprivileged senior citizens. Our core program, Siddhant Ration Scheme is a program that supports destitute senior citizens from different parts of Thane city, for their monthly groceries, household items & health care needs. Beneficiaries of this scheme are screened through a meticulous screening process.

Our vision is to extend this reach to many more such destitute senior citizens and fulfil our dream of a ‘hunger-free’ Thane.


Back in 2011, recession was on in full swing, inflation was at an all-time high, the common man in India was in despair. It was at such a time that Siddhant Prathishtan was born. A modest initiative of selling vegetables at cost price was taken up. The anguish of the common man subsided and the initiative turned out to be extremely successful.


Founder and Chairperson, Mrs. Sadhana Manoj Pradhan had always a dream of see a day when no old person goes to sleep hungry. Sadhana was always involved in social service. Disparities between the privileged and the under-privileged troubled her, and the cause of bringing about a change in life of the underprivileged was forever close to her heart.